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Granny Says with Spanish Translation


This papeback with perfect binding is a colorful revision of the original 'Granny Says' book.

This book still carries the Bible references with advice from Granny at the end of each introduction of selected Bible stories with the English version on the left and the Spanish version on the right. A work sheet at the end of the book for clarity on what your little one has learned from reading the selected stories in either English or Spanish. This mean if your child is learning English or if your child is learning Spanish.


The author's intention for her Granny Says books are for the adult to interact with the child or children in picking a story that can be finished with the indicated Bible References. The stories are told to Granny's grandson that admires Granny at the end of the book by exclaiming 'I think my Granny is pretty smart ", don't you? The book can be fun and enjoyed

by the whole family. A great starter Bible for your little one.

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